On these pages you can view whole slide images and snapshot of the seminar cases presented at the ECP 24 congress in Prague. Diagnoses
and handout pdf documents will become available after the congress.

Head and Neck Pathology  Sept 9th
Digestive Diseases Pathology  Sept 9th
Cytopathology  Sept 9th
Endocrine Pathology  Sept 10th
Haematopathology  Sept 10th
Head and Neck Pathology  Sept 10th
Electron Microscopy  Sept 10th
Dermatopathology  Sept 11th
Breast Pathology  Sept 11th
Uropathology  Sept 11th
Gynaecopathology  Sept 11th
Nephropathology  Sept 12th
Pediatric Perinatal Pathology  Sept 12th
Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology  Sept 12th